Twitter Analytics has Arrived

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Clicky is an incredibly simple analytics package that continues to impress me for use on any blogging package. An exciting feature recently added is some amazing Twitter monitoring:

Twitter Analytics

Integrating Twitter statistics in your Analytics package is a great idea. The rule I’ve got set up to find me or my blog is:

douglaskarr OR "douglas AND karr" OR "doug AND karr" OR

It provides me with details of my communications on Twitter or of other folks communicating about me, including Total tweets, Replies, Links, Positive tone, Retweets, Questions, Negative tone, Senders, Receivers and Hash Tags mentioned.


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    Great post doug. Thanks for the info on this. We as marketers need to be able to see more than just twitter is a top referring site when we look at our client's web analytics. Glad to see Clicky is taking the lead on this.

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