Dear Twitter, Please Stop the Following Madness

Twitter DownEach day I pay attention to my following on Twitter. Each and every member that follows me used to mean something. I built my following organically, by gaining favor with one follower at a time.

Not anymore. Now it's ridiculous… auto-follow tides are being executed minute by minute. I could go on Twitter today and find a couple hundred scammers that will get you up over 10,000 followers in a matter of days. Twitter must be straining under the extraordinary weight of these numbers.

I don't know what compels someone to cheat the numbers to get empty eyeballs. What kind of ego do you need to have to go down that road? I'm not sure but it really irritates me. My 5,000 followers used to mean something. Now I'm well over 6,000… but many of the new followers are auto-follow phonies.

These auto-follow systems must be operating external to Twitter, so it should be easy to identify and block them. Twitter should do it right now – not only to rid itself of phony inflated following counts, but to ease the strain that all these followers must be doing to impact Twitter's performance for the rest of us who appreciate their service.

Please Twitter… do something about it! They are ruining your application.


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    I use to auto follow when I first started and then realized the types of people I was approving were not who I wanted to follow. Now I pick and choose one by one. I’m now following you as I checked and had not been already.

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      I’ve actually put a request in to Twitter to remove my auto-follow setting but I have yet to hear back… I think they’re pretty busy right now! Hopefully they add an option so I can simply turn it off myself. Now I’m regretting it Michael!

      I’m checking each one and unfollowing when I see they’re simply a spammer or an auto-following phony (they skyrocket from a few followers to thousands in a week).


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    twitter is on world domination now. everyone in my office is just twittering around all the time. i didn’t set up an auto-follow

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    Life is too short to be cluttered up with people that don’t share the same interests as you do… I feel that contacts should be like a “Good” bottle of Wine you must pick and choose and determine what best for your taste!

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    OMG. Thank you for writing this. I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter for this very reason. Just yesterday, I disabled notifications because I was simply wasting too much time processing new (empty) followers day after day after day (and I don’t even have near the high number of followers as some).

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    I was thinking this was a change for you. I remember you saying you auto-followed anyone that followed you and that you were interested in each and every one of your followers. Wondering what spurred the change overall in your opinion on this strategy? Was it just the spammers?

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