10 Twitter Mistakes

10 twitter mistakes

As a guy that manages half a dozen Twitter accounts (personal, book, company, blog and community), I have to disagree with #8 on this infographic. I doubt the Navy Veterans on my @navyvets twitter account want to hear about Corporate Blogging on @corpblogging… and no one wants to hear my political rants on my personal account!

Twitter, like any other platform, is just another way for people to communicate with other individuals. And there are certain ill-advised Twitter practices and fails that, while they may be questionable to even pull on Twitter, are even more damaging when actually done in public. So if you happen to be making any of these 10 errors of judgement (a sweet DashBurst collaboration with The Maple Kind) in your tweets or even worse on the streets, please stop immediately!

I appreciate the periodic inspirational quote (#7) tweet for motivation as well!

10 Twitter Mistakes


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    I don’t see wrong with some of the points. This is just the way people behaving in real life. but they don’t behave this way on Twitter.

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    Thanks for giving me faith that some people are as put off by these behaviours as me! hehe I admit I may be young and curmudgeonly, but I can’t for the life of me see why people don’t take the time to be a little more self-aware about some of this stuff. Special mention must go to the (well intentioned) inspirational quoters whose religious and spiritualist garbage makes me cringe when it appears on a feed.

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    Disagree with #1 and #7, everyone uses Twitter for different reasons, and people have the option to not follow, yet overall its a pretty good list

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