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Analyzing Your Twitter Following

Schmap has released a Twitter profile analysis tool that’s quite comprehensive. By doing a comparison analysis of your followers to other accounts, Schmap can provide you with a detailed analysis of where your followers come from, what professions they are, their demographics and even their influence. There’s a free basic analysis as well as a full analysis. The analysis pricing depends on what kind of account you’re analyzing but ranges from about $25 for a non-commercial user to $125 for companies.

About Schmap: Schmap is a location technology service provider and local publisher, with cutting-edge expertise at the intersection of local, social, commercial and the real-time web. We’re best known for our real-time city guides, and our popular Twitter service.

Here are some shared statistics from full analysis for @douglaskarr (which recently surpassed 30,000 followers!).

By Country

By State

By Profession

By Demographic

By Interest

By Twitter Influence

By Twitter Activity

By how long they’ve been on Twitter

By the types of Twitter Accounts they Follow

There were some additional stats as well, and a detailed analysis could be downloaded as a CSV. If you’re wanting to ensure that you’re attracting the right audience, I’d encourage you to purchase the full analysis. The resulting data I received validated my strategy for attracting Twitter followers and I’m happy with the results. The only area of concern for me was that I under-indexed on female followers. Perhaps it’s my constant stream of geek talk… definitely some work to do.

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