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The last few days folks have asked me, how can I find out who retweeted me? When folks utilize the retweet feature within Twitter, it's pretty easy. Login to Twitter can click Retweets on the right-side navigation. The third column is Your Tweets, Retweeted and provides you a list of all of your Tweets that have been retweeted as well as who did it.

who retweeted

There's also an API call to capture the retweet data for a given tweet. Retweeting is an activity worth tracking… if someone is promoting your content, you've got an advocate for you or your brand. That's someone you may not only wish to follow, but someone you may want to pursue a deeper engagement with!

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    Hi mate, when I click on a tweet of mine that’s in the reTweeted By Others section, it doesn’t have any listing of who reTweeted it like it normally does. Any idea why? or how I can see who it was?

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      I was reading that it might have been retweeted by people you do not follow and by people who protect their tweets

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