Is Twitter in Your Service Channel Yet?

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If I call your company with a complaint or question, only your customer representative hears me. If I ask on Twitter, though, my 8,000 followers hear me… and those that retweet expand the audience into their networks. Twitter is quickly becoming a democratizing factor to customers who want answers.

Are you listening to Twitter? Twitter isn’t a fad or a company… it’s an effective communication medium. You need not participate (other than responding), but you should definitely not be ignoring this important channel.

Salesforce recently launched a Twitter integration in their service cloud (they have other social media integrations as well). Did you know that you could monitor Twitter with Salesforce’s Service Cloud, extending your customer service efforts?

Welcome to the world of the ever connected, always on, highly opinionated, on the move customer. This is a customer who understands they now have power. They now expect more than just a product or a service from you. They expect a relationship that is on equal terms. They expect to be at the center of your world. And you need to put them there. You need to become a customer company.

At minimum I would recommend having a feed from a Twitter Search.

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