Who Uses Twitter?

Today I was a panelist on the Business Growth Institute for the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce. The crowd was very engaged, so much so that the 2 hours to explain marketing and online marketing was a tad bit aggressive.

Susan Matthews of Borshoff (a leading branding and marketing agency in the midwest) and I are going to follow up to see if we can’t put together a workshop to continue the engagement and fully respond to all of the requests.

As with all discussions of marketing and social media, the conversation got a bit side-tracked to Twitter. I asked the following questions:

  • How many people utilize Twitter for their business? A few hands.
  • How many people don’t know what Twitter is? A few hands.
  • How many people don’t know what Twitter is but are embarrassed to admit it? Many more nervous laughs.

At this point, a couple folks commented on just starting to utilize Twitter. What followed was a pretty impressive rant by the people on the volume of noise on Twitter versus useful information. I agree… and it inspired the following chart of a break-down of Twitter Users:

Twitter User
Note: If you’d like to challenge the accuracy of these statistics, please read my disclaimer.

Having used Twitter for the last couple years, I do appreciate the medium for the information I’m able to find. I do think Twitter can be productively utilized for businesses as well – but the volume of noise is getting louder.

For a newcomer to Twitter, the noise can be deafening. Perhaps that’s why Nielsen has identified so many new Twitter users leaving the service so soon. At first, some thought that users were leaving the web and moving to applications, but Nielsen has since updated their stats and proved that retention of new users is still a huge issue.


  1. 1

    Such an interesting observation!
    Twitter is growing in Australia at an incredible rate, and we have discussed the Nielsen findings recently.
    Time will prove me wrong or otherwise ………. however I feel that the one-off or so users are ‘toy’ Social Media participants, better suited to My Space, Facebook, etc.
    A combination of Linked In Twitterers presents us with more than enough Prospects …………….. handled professionally.
    BTW Douglas (meant in the nicest way) I could not find your name anywhere so had no idea who penned such a precise and professional piece of information.
    Thank you.

  2. 3

    Having had a good look around your site Doug …………. and on a second look at the landing page …………. I am obviously BLIND!
    I think you will appreciate this: –
    Is Twitter the start of Web 3.0? http://budurl.com/whpm

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