Two Must-Have Twitter Apps for Managing Followers

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My love affair with Twitter seems to be re-ignited of late. It appears to me that the team at Twitter has been much more responsive to getting the spammers and crap accounts out of the system and my twitter feed quality is getting better and better. Quite honestly, while we had a good following – 30k+ on @douglaskarr and 50k+ on @martech_zone, I didn’t work to increase that community because the noise was deafening and crappy. For the most part, I had moved conversations over to other social networks.

If you don’t get Twitter, I like to think of it as a community bulletin board where I can connect and chat with the folks that post messages. Unlike other social platforms where I may have lengthy conversation, Twitter is a great platform for discovering great tips and content, and connecting with other people in the industry like myself.

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Now those other social networks are just laden with advertisements and SPAM. It seems every other update I read is irrelevant so I’m spending less time there and more on Twitter. As I revived my engagement with followers on Twitter and am looking to improve both the community and conversation, there are two different applications that I can’t live without.

Block Fake Twitter Accounts with StatusPeople

You may be surprised at the so-called influencers you follow and the tens of thousands of fake accounts that make up their following. Most influencer score systems don’t take the quality of the following into consideration, so you could be following folks that really don’t have as much influence as the numbers indicate.

Ridding yourself of fake followers makes for a much more robust Twitter experience personally and also helps weed these terrible accounts out of Twitter altogether. The more we all block accounts, the better the network! For that reason, I love my StatusPeople’s Fakers App. I’ve been using it to rid my personal twitter account of fakers and now I’ve begun cleaning up the number of followers on our blog’s account!


Find Great Followers and Leave Bad Ones with JustUnfollow

Did you know that there are a bunch of Twitter apps out there that will follow you to see if you follow back… and then they’ll drop you a few days later? It’s a devious strategy that helps Twitter users grow their following and increase the ratio of followers to followed. JustUnfollow helps you find and unfollow those Twitter accounts that have unfollowed you.

I’m on Twitter to see updates from folks in my industry and to engage with them. One great way to find new and interesting Twitter accounts is by using JustUnfollow‘s copy follower feature. I can see the followers of industry leaders and then use JustUnfollow to follow them with my account. This is a great way to build your community of relevant followers!

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Keep in mind, with both of these tools, you have to follow and unfollow by clicking one at a time. This can get frustrating but it’s not the platform’s fault. Twitter has mandated that those platform can’t have bulk activities for following and unfollowing. There’s also a daily Twitter API limit that you may reach as well.


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    These are all great tools to help grow your twitter followers! Use the automation tools. They will save you a countless amount of time. Also make your tweets sound like you actually wrote them. In other words try not to over tweet unless you think your audience will be genuinely interested in the information you are tweeting about.

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