TxTFi: Enable Shopify Reordering Via Text Message

SMS Text Message Shopify Ordering

Re-ordering via automated text message is cheaper and more effective at acquiring a second or third order from your existing customer base. Cut out all the noise – let your customers order where and how they feel more comfortable. With TxTFi for Shopify, you don't have to do anything. It's all automated. Just set it and forget it. 

SMS Orders for Shopify

TxTFi plugs into Shopify automatically and reaches out to your customers via an automated text message to offer a gentle request to re-order, all through a text message. In turn, your customer can create their order and add items within that text message conversation. 

Once completed, TxTFi generates a link to allow customers to go right into your existing Shopify checkout page. All the customer has to do is complete payment–that's it. All payments and order processes continue to work as they do now.

SMS Reorder Message Templates for Shopify

TxTFi SMS Order Features and Benefits

  • Mobile Only – Customers are constantly on-the-go. Text ordering makes it simple, quick, easy for them, and you
  • Fully Automated – TXTFi Bot fully interacts with your customer—entirely automated, no guidance or supervision needed.
  • Reminders – Automatically check-in with unresponsive customers; allows customers the ability to set follow-ups.
  • Order Multiple Products – TXTFi Bot can easily handle one or multiple products in an order.
  • Targeted Messages – Automatically suppress based on inventory, subscriptions, opt-outs.
  • Easy Checkout – TXTFi uses your native Shopify checkout, pre-filling all details. Customers just confirm payment.

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Disclosure: We are an affiliate of TXTFi.

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