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Adobe XD: Design, Prototype, and Share with Adobe’s UX/UI Solution

Today, I installed Adobe XD, Adobe’s UX/UI solution for prototyping websites, web applications, and mobile applications. Adobe XD enables users to switch from static wireframes to interactive prototypes in a single click. You can make changes to your design and see your prototype update automatically — no syncing required. And you can preview your prototypes, complete with transitions on iOS and Android devices, then share them with your team for fast feedback. Features of Adobe XD Include: Interactive prototypes – Switch from design to prototype mode with a single click, and connect artboards to communicate


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BrightTALK Benchmark Report: Best Practices for Promoting Your Webinar

BrightTALK, which has been publishing webinar benchmark data since 2010, analyzed more than 14,000 webinars, 300 million emails, feed and social promotions, and a total of 1.2 million hours of engagement from the past year. This annual report helps B2B marketers compare their performance to those of their industries and see which practices lead to the greatest success. How to Best Promote Your Webinar Perhaps the most valuable information that I found in the report was on strategies to promote your webinar to maximize attendance. For our clients, webinars continue to be an incredible resource


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My New Moo NFC Business Cards Are Here… and They Are AMAZING!

It’s been a while since I updated my business cards, so I wanted to do something special (again). I’ve had 3M Post-It Notes for cards, I’ve had square cards, I’ve had double-thickness cards, I’ve had embossed cards… but this may be my favorite to date. I’d read quite a bit about NFC technology and saw that my favorite business card printer, Moo, had added NFC business cards to their offerings. NFC is a technology already embedded into every modern mobile device. On Android, you can enable NFC services in your payment notification settings. On iPhone,


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BizChat: Team Communication and Collaboration

In the early, high-growth days of ExactTarget (now Salesforce), one tool the company couldn’t do without was Yahoo! Messenger. Aside from the all-to-often hilarious hacked message that sent an “I quit” notification from an employee who left their laptop open and logged in, the tool was indespensible to fast-track communications. Of course, once we got to several hundred employees, the tool became impossible and email became our primary tool… but oh how terrible it was. Slack rose to fame a few years ago, and while some companies love it… others have also complained at how


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Bannerflow: Design, Scale, and Publish Campaigns

As advertising channels become more diverse, the ability to build, collaborate, and get banner ads approved can become a nightmare. Creative Management Platforms (CMP) provide the ability to streamline design, improve workflows, and optimize all creative to industry standards. Bannerflow’s creative management platform gives you complete control over ad production and distribution, saving you time and money. If you work across multiple channels, in multiple markets, and with multiple formats, Bannerflow does the heavy lifting, enabling you to be at the forefront of digital advertising. Bannerflow features include the ability for advertising teams to: Build your