The Letterpress, Typography, and Pulp Fiction

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Though I'm a big-time technology geek, I do have a love of print. My first job out of the Navy was as an Electrician at The Virginian-Pilot. I love the smell of ink on paper – perhaps it's why I'm an avid reader and lover of hardcover books. This is a great little film on the lost art of the Letterpress. I never worked on Letterpresses but many of my friends did that I worked with at the Newspaper.

This is where typography began! Too cool. Contrast that film with WarTypeFonts, a look at the evolution of fonts through the ages, chronologically and graphically depicted through war:

The director, Carlos Florez, has a much higher resolution video that is nicer to watch at his site.

And yet another look at the use of typography (WARNING: Adult Language) through film:

And this amazing video called The Child by Alex Gopher (discovered on David Airey's Creative Design Blog):


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