Uberflip Content Marketing Hubs

uberflip hub

Uberflip allows marketers to bring all their content into one centralized, responsive and engaging front-end with no programming required. Whether it’s video content, PDFs, tweets, Facebook status updates or your blog’s RSS feed – hubs offer a central platform for visitors to find and discover all of your content in a single location.

Uberflip Hub Features

  • Responsive – Designs fit to any screen. It’s a desktop, tablet and mobile content strategy in one.
  • Flexible – While your Hub is a stand-alone site, it integrates into websites too.
  • Promotion – Promote your Hub via social, your email signature, and a button on your website
    Integrate within your website seamlessly – check out Uberflip’s hub for inspiration.
  • Branded – Upload your logo and choose colors & fonts to match your brand.
  • Call to Actions – Content marketing is about lead generation. Your content establishes trust, CTAs capture contact details.
  • Discovery – Hubs are designed for visitors to consume more than one piece of content.
  • Metrics – Hubs automatically track and report real-time on a variety of useful metrics such as uniques, pageviews, avg. time/visit and more. Integrate Google Analytics account for additional insight into your audience.

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