Where are the Single Serving Restaurants?

SteakSometimes I have billion-dollar ideas. Unfortunately (or luckily), I never have the money to invest in my billion-dollar ideas though. I hope someone takes me up on this one.

I’m overweight. It’s a combination of bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Both are my fault. And when I go out to eat, no matter where I go, serving sizes are HUGE. Even if I order a small veggie sub, it’s at least 2 servings. Did you know the average American serving at a restaurant is about 5 times a normal serving size? Ouch!

I don’t have to eat the entire plate of food, I know. You have to admit it’s nearly impossible to try to calculate how many servings are actually on the plate…. hmmm.

So here’s my idea! Someone should start a restaurant called “Single Servings”. Sure, we can dress up the name, perhaps “Une Assiette” where the plates are large and the servings are simply for one. I believe there’s a few reasons why a restaurant chain like this would succeed:

  1. Fat guys like me would have to go there for lunch just to show that we’re making an effort.
  2. Less food, same price! That’s a bigger profit per pound.
  3. Less food, cooks faster! That’s more tables sold per hour.
  4. If I didn’t go there for lunch, skinny people at work would pressure me into going so they show that they care. Like when they ask me if I want to go for a walk at lunch. 😉
  5. Companies that want employees to eat healthy would only order from a restaurant like this.

The tagline for Une Assiette would be easy, right? I like, “Avoid a Huge Assiette with Une Assiette!”. For anyone who actually takes this idea and runs with it, I would appreciate a lifetime meal pass.

Please include desserts.


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    I had an idea along those same lines once, only low-fat. The restaurant would have been called Jack Sprats. Somehow, I don’t think it would have worked. Me, I’d be a twig if I had to run on a treadmill to power up my computer.

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    Hi, I’m with you on serving size. I do not know why restaurants think women eat like farm hands after a busy day! I like small servings with gourmet touches.

    You can shrink your stomach size with the small servings.

    Best news is you can get exercise through walking the 18 holes on the golf course!

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      You’re absolutely right! Honestly, I don’t even need the gym… just a crow bar to pry my butt out of a chair and get to walking. I’m working on it. It seems the more I write about it, the more motivated I get to doing it.


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    Every time I visit the US I put on half a stone within one week. I worked out in NY for 3 weeks (on a GBA launch title) and they had free fizzy drink and when I ordered a large sub I got funny looks, it turned up and I swear it would have fed a family of 5!

    I love the food but your right Doug its because the sizes are too large is causing a self fulfilling prophecy.

    But I must say I really miss Twinkies! god they are so addictive. But your bread sucks, no crusty bread? what is that all about?

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    I totally agree! I’ve thought of this many times myself but never thought of having a restaurant completely dedicated to single servings (great idea). And you are on the same page as me. I don’t even care if the restaurant charges me the same price as the full portion meal. Just give me less food!!

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    Sounds like you could be the next Subway spokesperson, or not. Seriously, I have been known to set off the scales at 30 pounds over. But I would never eat at your restaurant. I work to lose weight at home. When I go out, it’s all rules out the door. Got to have fun sometime.

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      My problem is fun every day, Lewis! 🙂

      One problem here in Indy is that we’re saturated with chain restaurants and supermarkets. I can’t think of a ‘corner store’ with fresh food where I could pick up a healthy dinner to cook that night. And – with all the chains, there are almost no specialty restaurants around.

      I really miss the great Vegetarian restaurants out West that were ‘Mom & Pop’ where you could get a delicious meal with moderate portions. They weren’t expensive, either.

      It’s something that I just have to bite the bullet on and get motivated. Enough excuses! I can do it if I try.

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    When the Atkins diet was a big fad, I had an idea for a low-carb restaurant. It would feature platters with chicken, fish, and steak but instead of french fries, you would get carrot sticks. It would only serve Diet colas, wine, water (no sugary drinks). And for dessert, you could have berries mixed with whipped cream.

    I’ve also had an idea, that I think is being done now, for a diet cruise. You go on a cruise, where everything is all-inclusive. And it only has healthy foods. You can meet with nutritionists and trainers and either jumpstart or maintain your diet. I think vacations are a time where people splurge on food, so this would be a way to get away without getting in a rut.

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    I don’t necessarily worry about heavier portions at restaurants in the realm of putting on weight b/c I am fortunate to have a fairly fast metabolism. However, eating overly large portions of food makes me incredibly lazy and sleepy.To solve this problem I often ask for an extra plate, one of the appetizer plates, and move portions of the food onto this plate and eat from it. If I’m still hungry I can get more from my “serving” plate. I just treat the plate of food that I’m given as a serving plate and I find that often have enough to take home for at least one more meal.

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    Another way for this to work is to put the restaurant televisions on the wildlife channel…this happened to me at a Tai place I like to go to. Nothing will kill an appetite quicker than having to watch a vulture pick at a elk carcass while you TRY to eat…

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    I actually have another fantastic idea. I basically wish there was a national franchise chain of weight watchers restaurants. I would totally eat there. If I could go to a restaurant that knew how to cook food exactly according to Weight Watcher Recommended point systems I think this country could lose thousands of pounds a minute.
    I have lost about 10 lbs on Weight Watchers now and I think that if they had that option I’d have my children’s birthday parties there (when i have them) so that they can enjoy real non-fat or low fat food during parties. no more candies & cakes and fatty hamburgers from Mc Donalds, I’d love a kids section too.


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