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In the world where most businesses’ online expansion largely depends on their social networking activities, developing an engaging social media strategy may be a true challenge. Yet the astonishing potential of social media marketing keeps driving businesses towards these channels to attract prospects and increase brand awareness.

In relation to the rapid expansion of social media strategies, a 2013 study by Linkedin and TNS reveals that 81% of SMBs currently use these networks to drive business growth, with 61% of them seeing significant benefits in terms of gaining new customers. However, to improve your brand’s visibility among the target audience, you need a strategy rather than a hunch and this is where Unmetric jumps in.

Handling Data Critical to Content Strategy

Unmetric is a data analytics platform whose goal is to empower brands’ social media presence by providing relevant sets of data in real time. From monitoring the top performing posts to competitor analysis, the tool uses a range of metrics to collect the sets of data a specific business may find most valuable. This way, brands can tailor a data-backed social media strategy that stands more chances of attracting their target consumers.

The idea is to optimize all the critical processes related to content creation and placement in order to generate a steady stream of faithful leads. By giving you ideas on what types of posts drive most engagement and displaying relevant discussions in the target communities, Unmetric enables brands to understand their audiences’ behavior and use this knowledge to create more impactful content.

How Unmetric works

Since one of the main challenges in the social media arena is creating compelling content, Unmetric intends to facilitate this by giving you inspiration, quick analysis, as well as the reach of specific posts. The Inspire section takes into account previously set preferences for a specific company to display streams of most popular posts.

Unmetric Ideation

The additional step is competitor analysis, whereupon the platform notifies you when a particular post, image or video starts receiving unusual amounts of attention online. This provides immediate opportunity to either join a trending discussion or simply watch how consumers behave.

Unmetric Compare for Social Media

Furthermore, one of the aspects Unmetric takes to a completely new level is post and engagement analysis that should serve as a base for planning a company’s future steps. The Highlights section represents a system that quickly identifies items or profiles that are rapidly gaining attention to enable brands to stay in touch with all the trending discussions.

Unmetric Analyze Social Media

Ideate – Compare – Analyze

Collecting and analyzing actionable data can be a complex process many companies may see as a waste of time. However, with constant monitoring of social media trends, brands can more easily identify the key opportunities and make the process of content planning and optimization less exhaustive. Through the intuitive interface, Unmetric delivers key pieces of information that may be critical for spreading a specific company’s social influence.

Unmetric Overview

Considering the growing importance of designing social media strategy to appeal to the greatest number of target users, small businesses are expected to focus on these channels more than ever before. Unmetric aims to save marketers time necessary for planning and implementing social media strategies and enable more companies to become elite members of the social media community.

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