Updatable: Update any CMS, Ecommerce Platform or Static Website


Responsive brochure and ecommerce sites with up to date content are more important than ever. The ability to update your site isn't limited to content changes, it's also to continue optimizing pages for search, mobile, and conversions. In this day and age, it's a bit startling that almost half of marketers have to contact their IT department to make basic changes to their website on a weekly basis – but it's true.

Ayima announced the release of Updatable, a new SaaS product based on reverse proxy technology that enables users to make changes to their website instantly, without needing back-end nor content management access.

Whether a website is based on an enterprise-level content management system, an e-commerce platform or a blogging system, Updatable offers a browser-based solution that simplifies complicated processes, enabling website owners and marketers to make changes on the fly, and ultimately saving time and costs on development requests.

Updatable Video Overview

Through its intuitive WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, Updatable can be used for the following tasks and more:

  • Tweaking existing content on a web page
  • Restructuring URLs / Renaming Pages
  • Implementing on-page SEO recommendations
  • Modifying redirects
  • Executing HTML code changes
  • Creating brand new pages using existing website templates

Updatable allows companies to invite as many users as needed with comprehensive permissions.

At Ayima, we’ve always provided digital marketing solutions to our customers, but we've also come across similar problems over and over again; content teams that are unable to fix a typo without getting the web developer's help, Paid Media teams that are unable to get their landing pages published fast enough, and of course, web developers who are stuck doing minor updates to the website, clogging up their work queue when they could be working on further innovation for the site. We wanted to fix this, and with Updatable, developers can go back to doing what they love, while those without web development experience can make controlled changes and SEO improvements on the fly. Rob Kerry, Chief Strategy Officer at Updatable.

Pricing plans for Updatable start at $99 a month.

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