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PDF Embedder for WordPress

A trend that's continuing to grow with my clients is putting resources on their site without forcing the prospect to register to download them. PDFs specifically – including white papers, case studies, use cases, guides, etc. A recent client that we just launched a SaaS company that offers intelligent robotic automation, Clear Software.

Their old site had download buttons that visitors could click that would immediately download and open the PDF. Of course, they could have edited the download buttons with event tracking and then observed the results… but the problem is that they're working on a multitude of pieces of content and it would require additional time to either code a specific theme page or add the necessary event tagging on each download button.

The answer is far simpler. If we embedded the PDF in a PDF reader, we could track the pageviews just like any other page within Google Analytics. If you install the PDF Embedder for WordPress, you can do just that. We actually have an example on our marketing campaign checklist. Here's what it looks like within the page:

DK New Media Marketing Initiative Worksheet

There's actually a family of plugins that offer a few features:

  • A secure feature that disables downloading.
  • Moving the pagination and optional download button to the top or bottom of the PDF.
  • Displaying the PDF menu on hover or visible at all times.
  • A full-screen button.
  • A PDF thumbnail plugin.
  • Mobile responsive viewing and downloading.
  • Active links within the PDF.
  • No need to code anything, when you embed a PDF, it automatically displays within the shortcode!

I've used this plugin on multiple sites and it works flawlessly. Their licensing is perpetual, so I've actually purchased the full license that enables me to use it on as many sites as I want. At $50, that's a great deal.

PDF Embedder for WordPress

That's NOT a sponsored nor affiliate link. I just wanted to promote a great tool for WordPress!

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    @dknewmedia Thank you for your article on how to insert a PDF! Easy to follow, worked like a charm, and best of all, it helped solve a problem. Bravo! Keep up the good posts.

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