UpSnap: Affordable Mobile, Local, and Geographically Targeted Advertising

mobile geo ad

UpSnap offers a mobile advertising network offering more than one billion impressions per month. And through their partnerships with some of the biggest sites, they are able to display ads on third-party networks at a rate of more than 100 billion impressions monthly. UpSnap enables you to target customers who are near your business. Once your campaign goes live, UpSnap will display your mobile ad to customers within a five-mile radius. Targeting expands outward based on traffic availability and your desired radius.

UpSnap offers everything from the ad design to reporting:

  1. After sign-up, receive a call from an UpSnap Mobile Expert to finalize details of your mobile ad campaign.
  2. UpSnap will design and code the landing page and banner ad for your business. All you need to do is review and approve the art.
  3. Your ad will be displayed up to 20,000 times a month on hundreds of top sites and apps for only $100/mo.
  4. Start receiving calls, in store visits and more. Plus, you can review your campaign’s performance with your monthly analytics report.

UpSnap offers dynamic ad serving based on location, publisher, mobile application, and consumer profile.

SNAPalytics offers big data analytics to even the smallest advertisers. Understand user behavior and engage in real-time campaign measurement to target consumers at a point when they’re ready to engage.