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We got to attend the Go Inbound Marketing conference held regionally by Element Three. It was a fantastic event with an incredible line-up of inspiring and educational speakers. One of the speakers was Oli Gardner, a co-founder of Unbounce who packed together one heck of a presentation on the importance and impact of testing.

We’ll share some of the presentation that Oli gave in future posts, but I wanted to share one of the tools that he let us know about that that he really loves… UsabilityHub. UsabilityHub allows you to share your latest logo design to see its impact, share different versions of a page to see which one is preferred, or get feedback on where users might navigate on your site to find something.

You can sign up at no cost and become a user of the site to provide feedback for other users. Responses from testers you invite are free. Responses ordered from the UsabilityHub community cost 1 credit each. Responses from testers of specific demographics cost 3 credits each. You can both acquire credits by testing for others or you can purchase your own. If you become a Pro member, you receive 50% off the price of credits.

Here’s a great example where a company was testing the preference of a tab navigation for their site:


UsabilityHub has 4 Usability Tests to Choose From

  • Five Second Test – A Five Second Test shows your design to the tester for just five seconds. After the five seconds is up, the tester is asked a series of questions that you specify, such as What product do you think this company sells?, or What was the company name?.
  • Click Test – A Click Test records where users click on your design. The tester is asked to follow the instructions you specify, such as Where would you click to view your shopping cart?, or Where would you click to choose a template for your blog?.
  • Preference Test – Preference Tests ask the tester to choose between two design alternatives. You can ask testers to choose based on a particular attribute (eg. Which design looks more trustworthy?), or simply ask them which they prefer overall.
  • Nav Flow Test – Nav Flow Tests determine whether testers can successfully navigate through your design. You upload a series of page designs, and specify where the tester has to click to proceed. The success and failure rate of testers is recorded at each step.

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