Dancing for Queso

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Had I known that Moe’s Southwest Grill had a dance video contest for $10,000 – I may have dedicated a desktop jam video just for them!

I like this campaign for a few reasons. The agency Brandmovers didn’t have to artificially create the demand… they created the strategy and the consumers did the work… the production, the distribution and the promotion. It combined video… such a key medium… and social. It was simple. And most of all – it was fun. In these rough economic times, we want fun.

The results are key as well! With only 132 video submissions, you might think that the campaign didn’t perform as planned. However, those 132 submissions led to:

  • 154,252 Site Visits
  • 636,774 Video Views
  • 2,947 Facebook Shares
  • 104,868 Votes

Reaching over half a million consumers through their network is such an effective means of getting the message out. The impact on Moe’s brand is great… and I’m confident that it will drive some folks to drive out and grab some queso. Mmmm… queso.

The Dance Your Queso Off video contest provided a fun and engaging way to let our guests express their love for Moe’s Queso. It was as exciting to see the fans rally together to support their favorite videos as it was to watch the actual video entries! Hopefully our guests had as much fun as we did with this contest. Lauren McGowen Barash, Director of PR/Corporate Communications for Moe’s Southwest Grill.

The winner was John Diep of Rochester, NY!


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