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NOTE: This feature is no longer supported by Google Docs but there is a Google Doc to WordPress Add-on available.

You've heard me whining about the WordPress admin panel, it's pretty gruesome for the newbie blogger and really needs a face lift. It's the most common complaint I receive when I get folks up on the platform. Some competitors are listening… SixApart just launched VOX with a very nice user interface. WordPress seems to be getting the message as well, partnering with KnowNow on a new Enterprise Version of WordPress.

One of my last entries spoke to losing my entire blog post a few minutes prior to posting it. One of my techy gurus, Dale McCrory, at work asked why I wasn't simply using Google Docs to post to my blog. Huh? Really? Yes! Really!

With Google Docs, you have the ability to post your document directly to your blog! Here's how:

1. Click “Publish” and “Post to Blog”:

Google Docs Publish

2. Then select your blog type from the interface. Or, if you host your own WordPress site, here's how you can configure it:

Google Docs Publish to WordPress

Google Docs has an ‘auto-save' function so that you won't lose your work! Pretty nice!


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    I will have to give this a try. I’ve only been trying out Google Docs this past week, so am still feeling my way through what it is capable of providing.

    I already use the GSpace plugin for Firefox so I can use a GMail account for online file storage. And have you tried the Performancing extension for Firefox? That’s a pretty cool way of posting to any blog, and avoids the need to log in to your admin area, click through to write a post, etc…

    A lot less laborious. And the Tiger Administration plugin provides a much funkier and useful interface for WP admin than the default, which is frankly boring and flat. x

  2. 2

    Hi Andy!

    I’ve just started utilizing Docs and really like it. I still have a tough time not using WordPress to post though… I like putting pics, tags, trackbacks, etc. into my posts.

    I also have the Performancing extension and I have the same problem, I can’t do the rest of that cool stuff. The Tiger Administration is something I’ve been using for a while and I really like it.

    I wish I could take a couple of months off and rebuild the admin for WordPress. I think SixApart is onto something with Vox, they’ve simplified the blogging admin considerably. WordPress is in cahoots with ‘KnowHow’… so we’ll see if that leads to a better admin.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. 3

    I don’t know about the Performancing extension. I used it once, it produced some weird formatting stuff and kinda broke out of my blog’s standard CSS. They’ve changed the name now though, ScribeFire I guess, and the company’s looks like it’s losing big time.

  4. 4

    This isn’t working for me. When I press Test it says “We have encountered an error, which we will investigate immediately. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

  5. 8

    I get error whenever I try to set up publishing to wordpress.

    I double check everything but it doesn’t work!


  6. 9

    I got a wierd situation where I have two gmail accounts with google docs enabled and one account has the capability ‘post to blog’ and the other I cannot figure out where to enable it. It is simply missing.

  7. 10

    Hello Douglas,

    Great post, but unfortunately google no longer supports this function so your post is out of date. Please see to updating or removing your post as not to waste anyone’s time who is looking for a proper solution. 


  8. 12

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