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text to subscribeGood friend and former colleague, Megan Glover, is now the Director of Marketing at Delivra. Delivra is an email service provider with a solid reputation for helping its customers here in the region. They’ve also been named one of the best companies to work at in Indiana.

Recently, Delivra teamed up with great friend, Adam Small, CEO of Connective Mobile – a mobile technology and marketing firm. In a partnership with Connective Mobile, Delivra introduced Text to Subscribe, a unique and useful feature for email marketers.

This week, I’ll be starting off a 4 city Facebook Marketing tour called Facebook Sessions with our client, Webtrends. I always bring a lot of business cards with me at the event and hope to reconnect with professionals and prospects when I speak… but most folks don’t.

Text to subscribe is a feature that could bridge the gap. Rather than giving out business cards and hoping audience members return and subscribe to our newsletter, now I can simply ask the audience to text MKTG to 71813. We don’t currently send our email through Delivra, but we do have a mobile marketing account with Connective Mobile. I asked Adam if he could set up a similar service for us. Done!

Adam has quite a few features like this – from mobile business cards, to real estate tours and now text to subscribe for email. These mobile marketing SMS applications are successful because, while most people are new to smart phones, mobile browsing, etc., text messaging is quite common – especially the younger your audience gets.

Give it a try yourself… if you haven’t subscribed to Martech Zone, text MKTG to 71813.

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