Leave Your Domain for What You DO

How many people are looking for someone who knows what you do? Now… how many people are actually looking for you?

So… if you wish to be found on the Internet for what you do, why would you buy your name as a domain name and put a blog on it? You may not want to. Buy a domain name that first reflects what you do. Until folks know who you are, this is how they'll find you.

When you get enough content and following, Google will take care of letting them find you.


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    Hey Doug!

    Great advice. I think I might be guilty of doing this same thing. Maybe it was wanting to build up my personal “brand” or just the fact that I saw other people doing it! Makes me think twice! Thanks for the challenging post!

  2. 2

    Great advice Doug. This is probably the first advice I would give anyone who is putting up a website. Example… if you sell popcorn and your company name is something like Natural Harvest or something like that. Taking the name http://naturalharvest.com would be a really bad idea from a marketing standpoint. It would be much more valuable to have http://popcorn.com . I’m sure both of those URL’s are taken, but you get the idea.

  3. 3

    I struggled with this when I first started putting my site together. I decided to go with the “What” instead of the “Me” because I knew I didn’t want it to be a place for me to lifecast, but rather a resource for other people. I think that’s an important step in the planning process. Your advice is simple and makes complete sense!

  4. 4

    I agree, I understand why people may want to buy their names, but unless you have the name power already, whats the point? Your URL should reflect what type of site/blog it is and what readers can expect.

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