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It’s Time to Plan Your Valentine’s Day Campaigns!

Love is in the air, can you feel it? Ok, maybe we’re a little early but it will be in the air next month as Valentine’s Day approaches. Valentine’s Day is Saturday, February 14 this year – providing you plenty of time to ramp up your email marketing and social campaigns.

Valentine’s Day is a huge deal for most email marketers and is simply a holiday that cannot be missed by businesses.

This infographic from Campaigner points out that consumers purchase gifts – not just for their partners – but for family and pets. Every year my daughter hasn’t had a boyfriend, it’s been my job to surprise her!

If you’re utilizing paid search, Conductor has identified the top associated keywords for Valentine’s day include romantic, cute, ideas, thoughtful, and baskets  Tweet This!.

Folks are still paying off those credit cards from Christmas, so offer up some combination packages, some discounts and free shipping, while providing plenty of time for folks to plan for the holiday of love. Valentine’s Day has grown from the 1800’s into a $13 billion holiday for retailers.

February Email Marketing Tips

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