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How to Capitalize on Valentine’s Day Commerce in 2016

Time is running out for Valentine’s Day… but thankfully not for e-commerce providers.Valentine’s Day purchases go down to the wire, with nearly two-thirds of Valentine’s Day shoppers waiting until the last week to make their purchase  Tweet This!.

And purchase they will! 54.9% of Americans will spend a record $18.9 billion over last year – up $1.6 billion  Tweet This!.

Check out The Shelf’s Infographic, A Digital Marketing Guide to Valentine’s Day. They provide these 6 strategies for ecommerce providers to increase Valentine’s Day sales:

  1. Target Last Minute Shoppers – two-thirds of Americans don’t even begin planning until a week or less.
  2. Focus on Men – who spend nearly double what women spent last year.
  3. Pinterest Gift Collages – work with influencers to publish gift round-up collages with your products.
  4. Engagements – it’s the most popular day to get engaged!
  5. YouTube Hauls – work with vloggers and influencers to include your products in gift haul videos.
  6. Targeting – what are your customers looking for? Even pets are a huge draw so use targeting to increase conversions.

Valentine's Day Infographic 2016

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