Validity: Data Integrity Tools for Your CRM Administration

As a marketer, there’s nothing more frustrating and time-consuming than having to deal with moving data and the associated data integrity issues.
Validity is comprised of software services and solutions that help enterprises know where they stand with their data with ongoing assessments, alerts, and tools to correct data issues.  For over a decade, tens of thousands of administrators in over 20 countries across the world have trusted Validity to regain integrity with their CRM data.
Validity Dupe Blocker

The Validity platform includes:

  • Validity DemandTools – No organization is immune to dealing with challenges of keeping their database clean of duplicates and incomplete information. Designed to work on massive data sets addressing data de-duplication, normalization, standardization, comparison as well as import and export.
  • Validity DupeBlocker – The only real-time integrated duplication blocker used by Salesforce administrators. Dupe/blocker is a sister product of DemandTools.
  • Validity PeopleImport – PeopleImport provides an alternative to importing Salesforce data enabling automatic deduplication of incoming data sets
  • BriteVerify – Email Verification ensures that an email address exists in real-time without ever sending a message.

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