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vCita: Appointments, Payments, and Contact Portal for Small Business Sites

LiveSite by vCita takes all the difficulty of appointment setting, online payments, contact management and even document sharing and puts it in a beautiful slide on your website.

Key Features of LiveSite by vCita

  • Contact Management – Capture client information and streamline their dialogue with your team. The web interface allows you to manage contacts, gain insights, track client interaction, respond and follow-up using any device. You can even automate client communication, notifications and reminders.
  • Create Forms – Collect lead and client information through the portal simply and easily with their online form builder.
  • Online Scheduling – Allow clients to set and reschedule appointments anytime, from any device. You can offer an online list of services, fees and scheduling options. Automated confirmations and reminders will assist in reducing no-shows. It even synchronizes the calendar with your existing Outlook, Google, or iCal calendar.
  • Online Payments and Invoicing – Provide clients convenient credit card payment options, automated reminders, and custom invoices. You can set the currency, taxes and offer discounts.
  • Document Sharing – Privately send and receive files with clients over a web portal on any device.

LiveSite by vCita also has a WordPress plugin to make it simply to apply their script to your WordPress site! Try it out for free on your site by using our affiliate link in this post.

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