Vee24: Live Video Engagement Increases Conversions by 38%

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Vee24 systemThis week, I had the most amazing experience demoing Vee24‘s online video solution for the web. The company has been around a few years perfecting a combination hardware and software as a service solution that is incredibly affordable.

What Vee24 has accomplished is nothing short of amazing. When a client signs u, they initially purchase the hardware, which includes a tower that has a video camera, front lighting, a broadcast monitor and even an on-air light. The computer is a 24″ touch screen monitor running Windows 7 and the Vee24 application.

The software doesn’t simply pop open and start a video. It pops up a nice div offering you to chat with the person at the other end. The popup can be initiated by the representative, initiated automatically, or the user can click a nice tab on the side of the screen to initiate it.
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If the user accepts the invitation, the software connects you with the representative. Parallel to the video chat opening (you can turn on your camera as well, the representative can see all the details of your browser (Operating System, Browser, etc.) and even the page with identical dimensions. They can also move their window out of the way to provide you maximum real estate.

Perhaps the most amazing feature is that Vee24 also has a share feature – allowing documents, powerpoints or any other file to be opened and shared. Not only can you share it… you can actually interact along with the representative. CEO Andy Henshaw walked me through ordering a vacation on another site… the experience was incredible, could not have been easier. We were both able to make changes to the form on the same page, at the same time and submit it!

vee24 parallel tracking

The results for Vee24’s clients have already been amazing… companies like Ford, Lexus, Lands’ End, Mini Couper, and hundreds of other companies are seeing a 38% lift in conversion rates. Customer feedback of the system has been off the charts as well.

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Here’s a video demonstration of Vee24 at Internet World:

While many of the immediate results are seen with retail, I can’t imagine what an investment in software like this could do for customer retention at Software as a Service companies. The ability to actually see one another and share a screen will make customer service easy instead of the current nightmare it is! It appears that Vee24 isn’t just the leader in this industry, they’re the only company currently offering this service. No doubt they’re going to be hugely successful! We’re already hitting them up for a referral engagement.

So don’t forget to let them know that you found out about the service through Martech Zone!

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    On vee24: Couldn’t agree more. We are using the vee24 suite for a handful of clients in the german market and it is awesome. But what’s just as important as the technology: it helps our clients to drive business. In my view this is one of the most effective ways to generate leads and incremental sales over the internet!

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