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Monetizing social media however requires a lot of effort. Fans may like a Facebook page but converting likes to buys requires serious groundwork. Most marketers are already at work building brand awareness through the social media. Raising the effort to ensure monetization require delivering engaging content and apps that drive people to making a purchase. Games, contests, discount coupons, exclusive offers, previews and samples are few content types that serve this purpose.

Success depends on the promotional content being explicit about what is on offer, the content being relevant, or reaching the right audience and offering customers a choice of pricing and payment options. VendorShop social positions itself as a “f-commerce marketing suite” that allow brands to set up and promote their Facebook store and turn fans into brand advocates.

Setting up VendorShop is easy:

  1. Install the app to the Facebook page from VendorShop
  2. Input profile information and set up payment options such as PayPal, bank transfer and invoice.
  3. Add your products
  4. Personalize the store by adding product attributes, descriptions, images, videos, shipping and tax details.
  5. It's also possible to add a welcome page that feature promotions, with the added option of making it visible to only those Facebook users who have liked the page.

Setting up the store is free. The add-on tools to entice buyers start from $7.99 per tool a month. Some of the tools on offer include creating exclusive offers, coupons for special deals, competitions and more. The app also allows posting products and offers directly to the wall and posting links in emails, blogs or websites.

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