Verizon Did Good Today! AT&T Not So Good…

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Sometimes I use my blog as a bully pulpit when it comes to consumer affairs. It’s not as much to embarrass the company as it is to vent my frustration. In a previous post, I slammed AT&T and detailed their inept ability to complete a single item on a move work order. Today they made their offer – reversing any fees they accidentally added and knocking $500 off our company phone bill. I wasn’t happy with the resolution – we lost thousands of dollars in productivity and reputation over the deal. They made an offer, though, and we had to move on.

Verizon; on the other hand, exceeded all my expectations. I just received a $400+ phone bill. Ouch! After spending 30 minutes online trying to figure out what the heck my peak, off-peak, shared, etc. minutes were and how each one of the 3 phone numbers were responsible for what… I gave up. I fired off an email to Verizon asking for an explanation.

The issue was definitely due to me being in the wrong plan after I added a phone for my daughter. The person who wrote me back, Renae, wrote a detailed explanation of all the charges. Having noticed that I did adjust my plan a week or so ago, she added a $100 credit to my account. Thanks Verizon!

I have to also add that I hate that VZ Navigator is not accessible outside my own Verizon account, but the actual car navigation is superb! There’s no need to buy a GPS unit with this software and with your mobile phone. I have the Razr and I’m able to put the phone down on the passenger seat and hear the instructions perfectly.

What do you think?

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