Vero: Email Automation and Remarketing

targeted email marketing

Vero is an email marketing automation service that is focused on increasing user conversion and retention. Using targeted emails you can generate increased revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

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Vero Email Marketing Includes

  • Individual customer profiles – Track data about your customers in your subscriber database. Use the data you collect such as your customers’ names, locations, and ages to segment your database and send more targeted emails. Over time Vero automatically tracks each individual customers’ actions on your website including the pages they visit, forms they submit and buttons they click. View any customer profile at any time, including a full history of emails you’ve sent them and their actions after they receive them.
  • Dynamic Newsletters – create dynamic, real-time segments based on what customers have done (Example: Visited pricing page 4 times in the past) or their properties (Example: in Europe). Send newsletters to your entire customer-base or drill down using the segments you’ve created to send the right message to the right customers. (Example: registered for a free trial but didn’t pay).
  • Automated, User-Triggered Campaigns – Using Javascript to track the actions of your customers on your website allows you to automatically trigger campaigns at the right time. Using Vero’s visual rule-builder you can devise complex automated campaigns with no technical knowledge and in a short amount of time.
  • A/B Test – Testing lets you find out which subject lines, from addresses, body copy or templates your customers relate to best – giving you more opportunity for revenue. A/B testing your automated and newsletter campaigns is easy with Vero. Simply add a variation to any campaign you’ve created and define a split percentage and Vero will report on the rest.

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