Pink: When Business Is Bare

Victoria Secret PinkWhen my 15 year old daughter came home with a Victoria Secret bag in her hand I almost had a stroke. I welcome all the comments in this post about how terrible a father I must be and that I should better monitor my daughter’s buying habits.

Honestly, I didn’t think there was any reason for her to shop at Victoria Secret for a many, many years. You know… after I was dead.

All of my daughters’ friends are wearing the same stylish outfits right now… labeled Pink across their butts. I figured it was a new brand, cutely named to attract young ladies. Turns out that I was right, but I had no idea that Victoria Secret was behind it. Victoria Secret is going all out with their Pink line – with a Pink website, Collegiate line of Pink, a social network called Pink Nation – that you can authenticate with Facebook of course, music, downloads and even a t-shirt designer.

I might understand that Victoria Secret wishes to expand its collections and reach different demographic groups, but reaching down into the young teens hits a little too close to home. As good friend Adam Small (Indianapolis Mobile Marketing) said so perfectly,

Pink appears to be the gateway drug for Victoria Secret to get young women hooked on their brand at much earlier ages.

Much to my dismay, Victoria Secret has obviously identified young teens as a new market opportunity. The clothes are more affordable than rivals Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister… and it appears teens are trimming expenses just like everyone else.

Personally, I wish the product line was much too expensive for my 15 year-old.


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    I’m sorry I can’t say what you would like to hear, I was married one week after I turned 17. I know what it feels like to be a woman/child. This is a very tough time for girls, all of a sudden the whole world is looking at them, and they’re WOMEN, not girls. My only advice is to make sure she knows how much you love her and are there for her – no matter what – and provide lots of opportunities for her to take on challenging tasks and responsibilities so that she can work on growing up. Make sure she knows it’s correct to be treated well and respectfully by the boys, and be there to catch her when she falls. (Does this sound like a greeting card? Sorry) As far as PINK, I noticed that at work some of the young women just started sending business emails in pink type, strange – related? And now that I’m older, I do agree, I wish marketing of sexualization of young women weren’t so popular – or accepted.

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    You help clarify for me one thing and that is why are so many girls have the word PINK on their butts. Now I know! Thanks for me educating me and giving me some fodder if my 8 year-old daughter ever asks for some PINKwear. Ain’t gonna happen (for now that is).

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