Video: does Video Advertising for Sponsors the Right Way!

Pat posted a video today for the Colts family of sites that I thought was incredible – relaying the reach of, and They really developed a beautiful video player that adds a nice feature… replicated advertising. Each time someone embeds this in their site, their advertiser is reaching a new audience. Very well done.

Pat also asks an important question… with 7.5 million visitors to on an annual basis, but 280,000 visitors to the stadium – which group is more important? If it’s down to money, I’m confident that the 7.5 million visitors purchasing Colts-related goods probably surpass ticket sales with the team. However, you can definitely argue that the butts in the seats are the noise at the game and are, consistently the folks that think enough of the team to spend a nice chunk of change on each game.

I’m going to have to go with the ticket-buyers, Pat! I think most of those folks stay longer, through good and bad seasons. I would never discount the influence you’re having on growing that crowd FROM the 7.5 million visitors though. It’s a hearty, profitable investment into a long-term relationship with your fans.


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