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A lot of folks spend and sell their time on the optimization of their website, and wind up scratching their heads when another site has greater ranking but isn’t optimized. It’s because optimizing the content is only half the battle, it’s getting the attention of other sites that really pushes your site up the Search Results. The search engine’s job is to provide relevant results. If a lot of other well-respected sites point to you and say, “you are what you are!”, the Search Engines will pay more attention to that!

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    I think the content is better for me. I explained more on this, The target of your blog is to gain more visitors. So you have to provide and posts all relevant niche contents that interest from the visitors or viewers. The informations in your blog is important, the more good informations the better and the more sites will link back to you.

    The backlink is not measured your site that is good. Some of websites had linked to other niche website but low pr density or pr rating could receives. Some also other sites could use black hat one way link exchange.

    The visitors find the latest updates or important informations. Mostly the visitors ignored the sites when they open the link through the backlinked when they see that has no relevant or important contents only spamming.

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