Humanize your Brand Through Conversational Video

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Video has grown by leap and bounds in the consumer marketplace in recent years, and is fast on its way to replace the written text as the dominant mode of communication over the web. Nielson reports that in 2011, video streams were up 31.5 percent from the previous year, touching 14.5 billion steams, with over 2 billion video views daily. This makes video as commonplace as music downloads, photo sharing and email.

Here’s a great video from ReelSEO on topic:

By leveraging the power of video, companies can break through the only threshold it requires to turn a visitor into a customer… a personal connection. Here are some tips for conversational video:

  • Don’t script your video. Get some basic notes down and have a conversation with the camera. It doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) perfect.
  • Keep your video short… 1 to 3 minutes. Get straight to the point or people will abandon watching. If your video is running long, cut out gaps and try to speed up the clip. Often, you can skip quite a bit off the video by doing so.
  • Get a video firm to work on a professional intro and outro that you can easily mix into your video with desktop video production software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.
  • Record in high-definition and with a good video camera. An iPhone may be plenty!
  • Close your video without selling by telling people how they can get a hold of you, where they can get more information, etc. People see commercials every day and ignore them… don’t make a commercial!
  • Spend time writing a compelling title for your video and utilize keywords effectively. Youtube is the second largest search engine!

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