How to Use Video for Marketing Your Small Real Estate Business

Real Estate Video Marketing

Do you know the importance of video marketing for the online presence of your real estate business?

No matter you’re a buyer or seller, you need a trusted and reputable brand identity to attract clients. As a result, the competition in real estate marketing is so fierce that you can’t easily boost your small business.

Fortunately, digital marketing has provided businesses of all sizes with many useful features to increase their brand awareness. Video marketing is an important strategy in digital marketing and is useful to all industries, especially real estate.

If you want to learn some video marketing easy-to-use tips to boost your small real estate business, keep reading this article.

Determine Your Goals And Devise A Plan Accordingly

First, you need to know that you can’t start making videos without any objectives and plans. Video marketing is a pricey and time-sucking task and needs a thorough and accurate strategy. 

Before embarking on video marketing, take the time to determine your goals and devise a plan to reach them. You need to know what exactly you want to achieve and when you can reach your desired results.

Here are some typical goals you can consider:

  • Number of views of your videos per month
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Likes
  • Engagement rates
  • Conversion rates

To understand the reasonable rage for these, you might need to conduct a competition search to figure out the results of your real estate competitors.

When you determine your goals, you can devise a plan accordingly. Try to build a strong strategy and stick to it. Of course, as you’re a beginner, you might need some revisions in the middle stages.

Set Aside A Realistic Budget

The next step is to estimate the amount of money you need to implement your real estate video marketing strategy.

This step is necessary to make sure about the quality of your videos. Remember that creating attractive videos needs many tools, and subsequently, you have to set aside enough budget.

You don’t need to be disappointed if you can’t afford a considerable budget; you can start with home-made videos and free video editing software.

Try to learn DIY tips for creating videos to reduce the costs. You can gradually go for premium tools and more professional videos for your business.

Define A Unique Style

It’s highly recommended to have a unique style in your digital marketing, especially in your videos. Being consistent in this style helps your audience recognize you after a while.

Your style, including colors, tone of voice, storytelling type, etc., represents your brand characteristic. Try to define something cool to attract the attention of your audience. You can even get feedback from your audience to optimize your video style.

You can also define a feed theme for your social media posts. It means that when a visitor sees your feed, the posts have an overall theme. This is a good way to grab the attention of audiences on the first visit. For example, you can see the following feed theme on Instagram:

Instagram homes and locations

As you can see, the posts make an overall style together. You can customize different themes for your real estate video marketing.

Humanize Your Real Estate Videos

It has been proved that the more friendly you speak with your audience, the higher engagement rates you get.

This is even more important when it comes to buying and selling condos or apartments. Having a home is one of the best personal experiences involving exciting emotions and behaviors.

So you need to include these emotions into your videos and tell your stories considering all the problems of your audiences.

For example, try to sympathize with audiences regarding high prices and inflation. Simply put, you have to humanize your real estate videos to make visitors believe you’re thinking like them.

Choose The Right Platforms For Video Marketing

You must know that every digital channel has its own audience, so you have to share your videos on platforms that are suitable for real estate.

For example, LinkedIn is an employment-oriented social channel, and many real estate professionals have accounts on them. As a result, it’s good for you to share your videos on this platform.

Top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are essential for your video marketing. For example, Instagram has many useful features for video marketing like feed posts, Stories, Live videos, IGTV, and Reels. You have to make the most out of these features to get the maximum exposure possible.

Schedule Your Real Estate Videos

Videos are responsible for a considerable percentage of social traffic. Many of these videos are created by brands, so it’s important for you to get ahead of your competitors.

Users are being bombarded by a massive amount of videos, and your chance of being discovered is very low. One way to increase your visibility and put your videos in the eyes of more users is by scheduling.

The peak online hours at which the majority of people are using social media platforms vary by platform and also by industry. For instance, the best time for posting on Instagram is different from Twitter.

So you’d better use social media scheduling tools to post at the best time for your industry and get higher engagement rates for your videos.

Here is an example of scheduling using Crowdfire:

Social Media Scheduling with Crowdfire

Leverage The Power Of Testimonials

Brand reputation is key to encouraging prospects to become your customers. A useful way to do that is by letting previous customers talk on your behalf. Testimonials are vital for a small business because they bring trust and make new prospects feel comfortable.

If your customers become happy homeowners, they’re likely to speak highly of your brand. You need to keep connected with them and even incentivize your testimonials campaign. Try to put their testimonials videos on your website’s homepage to let them know their opinions are important.

Here is an example of a good testimonial from Youtube:

Optimize The Length Of Your Videos

Even the length of your videos can heavily impact the ROI of your real estate video marketing. Overall, social users prefer short and sweet videos. That’s why short video features like Reels or TikTok are on the rise.

Of course, the optimal video length is dependent on your industry and the platform you’re sharing on. To start with, you can consider 2-minute videos your optimal video size.

Also, you can create longer videos for platforms like Youtube and IGTV and then share shortened versions of those videos on other platforms. This way, you can encourage your audience to check your profile on other platforms.

Analyze Your Video Marketing Performance

Keep in mind that no strategy remain perfect forever. As a small real estate business that is starting video marketing, you might need to revise your strategy every occasion.

Try to analyze your performance and find your weaknesses and strengths. When you recognize the best and the worst-performing videos, you can optimize your future videos and get higher ROI.

Here is an example of analytics tools on Twitter:

Twitter Analytics

Run A/B Testing

No matter how much you’re good at creating videos, you need to know what type of video, caption, hashtag, and many other things appeal to your audience. A/B testing is a useful method to understand the reaction of your audience to different items in your social media/website posts.

For example, you can change your hashtag for a specific video and send both versions to track the reactions of your social followers to them. This has been proved to be a good way to optimize your posts according to your audiences’ interests.

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