7 Videos You Should be Producing to Increase Marketing Results

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60 per cent of site visitors will watch a video first before reading the text on your site, landing page, or social channel. Want to increase engagement with your social network or web visitors? Produce some great videos to target and share with your audience(s). Salesforce has put together this great infographic with specifics on 7 places to incorporate videos to drive marketing results:

  1. Provide a welcome video on your Facebook page and publish it in the About section. You can add this video from the library of videos you’ve uploaded to your page. Be sure to also include your domain to drive visitors back to your home page.
  2. Periodically share videos on Twitter where you discuss topics or share explanations about your brand, product and service. Videos shared on Twitter are displayed in the sidebar media box on your page.
  3. Pin videos on Pinterest on relevant topic boards to increase views to your Youtube channel. And of course, optimize your Youtube channel to drive traffic through a conversion path.
  4. Add video to your LinkedIn profile that showcases your talent, brand, products and/or services.
  5. Enable Channel Browse View on Youtube and add a Channel Trailer. This is a video played to people who haven’t subscribed yet. Encourage people to subscribe to your channel through this video.
  6. Add video testimonials to your landing page to add authenticity and trust to the call-to-action within the page.
  7. Add a video to your company’s home page (or even a link from every page) that describes your company and its products or services.

Don’t overthink these videos! My recommendation is to keep your videos between 30 seconds and 2 minutes when you’re utilizing them like this to complement your other digital assets. Make sure your sound quality is outstanding and the video sticks to the point with a call-to-action at the end. Keep your videos authentic with real people and real locations – the polish of a television commercial or a phony green screen background isn’t welcome when incorporating video into a social or web strategy.

There are many ways to incorporate video into your online marketing strategy. You can add video to your social media, sales pages, content marketing, customer service, and more to increase the chances that your target audience will consume your messages and take action.

Here’s the infographic, 7 Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing Campaign, from Salesforce Canada.

Video Marketing Strategies

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