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Social Media Marketing 101

How do I get started on social media? This is a question that I continue to get when I speak on the impact of social media on a business’ marketing efforts. This infographic from Venngage walks a business through setting up and developing their strategy for marketing via social media. And there are some good tips in here for the established marketer as well! Choose Your Social Networks – Look for unique industry groups and customers amongst each social media platform. I’m not a fan of simply selecting one and ignoring another. I believe you


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The Amazing Marketing Opportunity Coming With IoT

A week or so ago I was asked to speak at a regional event on the Internet of Things. As co-host of the Dell Luminaries podcast, I’ve had a ton of exposure to Edge computing and the technological innovation that’s already taking shape. However, if you do a search for marketing opportunities with respect to IoT, there’s honestly not a lot of discussion online. In fact, I’m disappointed since IoT will transform the relationship between the customer and the business. Why is IoT Transformative? There are several innovations that are coming to reality that will


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Use These Tips and Tools To Conquer Your Marketing Workload

If you want to effectively manage your marketing workload, you have to do a better job of organizing your day, reassessing your network, developing healthier processes, and taking advantage of platforms that can help. Adopt Technology That Helps You Focus Because I’m a technology guy, I’ll start with that. I’m not sure what I’d do without Brightpod, the system I use to prioritize tasks, assemble tasks into milestones, and keep my clients aware of the progress our teams are making. The last part is critical – I’ve often found that when clients see the current


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When Can You Borrow and Use An Image Online?

A business I work with recently posted an update on Twitter with an amusing cartoon that even had their logo in it. I was surprised because I didn’t think they’d hired a cartoonist. So, I sent them a note and they were surprised… they had hired a social media company to engage and grow their following and they’d posted it. After a discussion with the company, they were even more shocked to find out that every image, every meme, and every cartoon that was shared was done so without the permission of the company. They


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Please Test Your Lead Generation Forms

A couple years we worked with a client who invested a significant budget with a branding agency to build out a beautiful new web presence. The client came to us because they weren’t seeing any leads coming through the site and asked us to help them out. We did the first thing we normally do, submitted a request through their contact page and waited for a response. None came. We then contacted them and asked where the contact form went to. No one knew. We gained access to the site so that we see for