Staying on topic on your blog? Use your tag cloud to see

When I visit other sites, I very seldom take a look at their tag cloud. I’m not sure why, I guess I’m usually there because I found myself there through a reference or the title or caption was of interest to me. However, I think it’s important for bloggers to pay attention to their own blog’s tag cloud. You can see my tag cloud in the sidebar under “Tags”. I think I’m doing a pretty

Blogs & Blossoms: Seed, Weed, Pollinate and Grow

Edited: 9/1/2006 One of the team leaders at work spoke to me about a book that he read that basically provided proof that very few ideas are actually. Last night I wrote an entry at I Choose Indy! letting folks know what my plans were for the site. Since the audience was non-techy, I wanted to put the message in a metaphor that would provide a clear picture. Since Indiana is known for it’s agriculture,

Getting your Blog to the “A-List”

Okay, now that I have you here, don’t be mad and leave. Listen to what I tell you. There’s a flame going across the blogosphere right now on Nicholas Carr’s Blog posting, The Great Unread. Shel Israel is in on the argument, as are a ton of other bloggers (example). You should read Mr. Carr’s full post before reading what I have to say. I hope I’m communicating his message fairly… I think what he’s

Interactive Computing, like Minority Report

Boy is technology evolving quickly! I’m not sure how many of you remember Tom Cruise in Minority Report, where he’s flipping through information via a virtual display. Here’s the preview showing the special effect: A couple years ago, it was simply a special effect. Here is a video of the new reality of the technology with an explanation of how it works: You can find some more great examples at Eon Reality’s website.

On Influence and Automation… WordPress Mobile Edition

Thanks to Alex King, who’s written a great WordPress Plugin for mobile viewing. I installed the plugin in a few seconds and it worked seamlessly with my PDA! I also installed it on Pat Coyle’s blog and I Choose Indy!