Interactive Computing, like Minority Report

Reading Time: < 1 minute Boy is technology evolving quickly! I’m not sure how many of you remember Tom Cruise in Minority Report, where he’s flipping through information via a virtual display. Here’s the preview showing the special effect: A couple years ago, it was simply a special effect. Here is a video of the new reality of the technology with an explanation of how it works: You can find some more great examples at Eon Reality’s website.

On Influence and Automation… WordPress Mobile Edition

Reading Time: < 1 minute Thanks to Alex King, who’s written a great WordPress Plugin for mobile viewing. I installed the plugin in a few seconds and it worked seamlessly with my PDA! I also installed it on Pat Coyle’s blog and I Choose Indy!

Blogs, Clogs and Storytelling

Reading Time: < 1 minute Brian Clark touched on something in his last couple posts on copyblogger that I think may be the ‘missing link’ for Corporate Blogs (Clog)… tell the Story. I’ve written a couple posts that are critical of corporate blogs. The reason is that a corporate blog can be somewhat of an oxymoron. Many companies look at blogging as an extension of their marketing efforts, along with a web site, advertising, and press releases. Other companies are