VideoHere: Integrate Video into Any Application

One of the gracious companies that I work with is Cantaloupe. They have an incredible product called Backlight that we’ll be hosting our videos with. The system provides incredible quality for hosting your online videos, provides you with ownership over those videos, and has a really compelling linking component that allows you to put links live in your video’s timeline. Combined with some great video analytics, it’s a robust package!

The great folks at Cantaloupe have now launching VideoHere (click through if you can’t view the video):

VideoHere is an online video system that you can embed in any web application with very little development work, no APIs, and no IT investment. Your users are able to point and click to upload, customize, and embed videos inside your user interface. It’s like giving your clients their own online video platform within your application.

VideoHere can also be configured to work directly with your Backlight account – it’s a remarkably simple system. I’ve configured it for use with my blog and it takes a click of a button to upload and embed a video into my blog now…. no more copying and pasting clunky code! If you’ve got a content management system, I’d highly recommend you take a look at VideoHere as an alternative to doing your own development.

Here’s a screenshot of it running in my blog (of course I already wrote a plugin to add it on!):

What do you think?

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