Viewing Your Content Calendar

compendium content calendar s

Blogging and social media is a marathon of generating valuable content on a daily basis for your audience. The goal is to generate enough authority and content that we have readers, fans or followers eventually convert into customers. That takes a while, sometimes, so it’s important to keep your eye on the goal ahead. One way you can do this is by incorporating a content calendar into your content management system.

The content calendar allows you to visualize your posts out in the future so you can keep ahead of the demands of your overall content strategy. Compendium recently released a fantastic content calendar that allows the administrator to get an overall view of the content – including content that the administrator must approve. You can see that I wasn’t doing too well on getting the content out last month!

compendium content calendar s

Since I have both a Compendium blog and a WordPress blog, I was curious if anyone had built a similar feature for WordPress… and they have! It’s the WordPress Editorial Calendar.

wordpress editorial calendar s

The WordPress Editorial Calendar also allows you to add posts as well as drag and drop them. So if you’re a really industrious social media manager, you can populate your calendar weeks ahead and assign the content to your users. This is a great means of ensuring you’re delivering on the demands of a great content strategy!


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