How Your Brand Can Succeed with Vine Marketing

vine video strategy

We shared an infographic on the rise of Vine and got an incredible case study on Vine Marketing from Brian Gavin Diamonds, but how about your Vine Marketing Strategy?

Vine, the platform that features 6-second videos that play on a loop, has garnered the attention of more than 40 million users. More than 100 million people view Vines each month. That makes the platform fertile ground for a smart marketing strategy to increase your brand’s exposure. Because the platform is fairly new, and the format unique, SurePayroll thought it might be helpful to explore exactly how you can use this Vine to help your business.

According to SurePayroll, your Vine marketing strategy should consist of planning first – thinking about your audience, the visuals and sounds, and developing a six panel storyboard. Ensure the Vine video will provide a purpose, some examples are:

  • Create a Vine video that helps people solve a problem.
  • Create a Vine video that showcases a new article or ebook.
  • Create a Vine video that demonstrates a “How To”.
  • Create a Vine video that celebrates an event or holiday.
  • Create a Vine video that shares breaking news.
  • Create a Vine video that showcases your best fans.
  • Create a Vine video that shares a discount, coupon or freebie.
  • Create a Vine video that thanks your customers.
  • Create a Vine video series to keep viewers coming back.
  • Create a Vine video with a sneak peak into your company culture.

And always incorporate your logo, a smart caption, a link to your website, a well-researched hashtag, and a Call-To-Action!

Vine Marketing Strategy