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Utilizing imagery effectively online will grow your e-commerce sales, your publication reach, or your business. If your company is working in a visual field of photography, food, fashions or event promotion, you're already working to share visual content online.

Visuals are dominating the internet – from your Facebook feed to Pinterest. Visuals have been proven to drive clicks, sharing, comprehension and conversions. The problem for many businesses is how to manage image resources – from discovery, organization, sharing and tracking.

Enter Viraltag, used by over 10,000 companies. Viraltag integrates with Canva, Dropbox, Picasa, Instagram, RSS Feeds and more – so you can find and organize all your visual content on a single platform.

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Viraltag allows you to integrate your social accounts, including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and now Instagram! They are one of the only platforms also to offer image editing, content discovery, hashtag monitoring, along with scheduling. They even have a Chrome extension!

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