Vlocity: Digitally Transform Salesforce with Transactional Capabilities


Vlocity is a platform powering cloud applications from data migration to back-office Integration, omnichannel sales and service to mobile and analytics. Vlocity helps deliver high-quality, industry-specific experiences in the following industries:

  • Communications
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Health
  • Insurance
  • Government

In those industries, direct interactions with customers can be short – and far between. Yet their experience in those fleeting encounters determines if they become a promoter, or a detractor. The interaction needs to be complete, accurate, fast – and completed in a channel of the customer’s choosing. Most importantly, your employees need to connect with customers on a personal level – letting your brand values shine through.

With Vlocity’s Digital Interaction Platform, users can focus on the customer, rather than the software. Through a powerful suite of task-based components – all 100% native on Salesforce – Vlocity transforms your CRM system with deep industry-specific transactional capabilities. With easy to use guided flows, you’ll be able to consolidate applications, speed new users to productivity, and reduce your overall cost to serve.

Vlocity’s Digital Interaction Platform

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  • Vlocity Omniscript™ – Craft dynamic customer interactions without code, and deploy to multiple channels and devices. Guide users through sales and service processes with fast, personalized responses, and seamless integration to enterprise applications and data. With Vlocity OmniScript™, you’re free to design more engaging customer interactions – and easily evolve those interactions as the market changes. No more costly code to maintain – just a new level of business agility.

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  • Vlocity Industry Console – When your customer calls, take action from the Vlocity Industry Console – with the ability to launch dozens of guided flows from a single page. With an innovative, card-based UI, visualizing growth opportunities, product relationships and interaction history has never been easier – even if the data is stored outside of Salesforce. Plus, with it’s standards-compliant HTML5 and CSS3 templates, you can style and deploy the same functionality to multiple channels and devices.

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  • Vlocity DataRaptor™ – Manage complex data structures natively on the Salesforce platform with declarative data mapping and REST interfaces. Vlocity DataRaptor™ simplifies the integration of external data – easily loading, extracting and transforming hierarchical structures in standard JSON formats – all without coding. Integrations are now faster to implement, and easier to maintain.

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  • Vlocity Process Engines – Present personalized offers, filter and recommend calculate rates and fee, recommend products – all based on easily configured rules. Vlocity’s expanding suite of declarative business services add deep industry functionality to your customer interactions – reducing coding, simplifying maintenance and increasing agility.

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  • Vlocity Mobile – Enterprise apps are typically focused on entering information on a form, navigating and submitting more forms. Vlocity Mobile apps are different, simpler and easy to use. Featuring a chronology of interactions and stories that have occurred with the client. The user can quickly glance through the customer timeline and get an idea of what has recently happened before the next client meeting. Enhanced tagging to quickly add profiling information and call reporting on clients.
  • Vlocity Wear – Wearables open the door for even more moments in the omnichannel journey – moments that are personalized, simplified, and convenient. From tailored promotions to contextually-aware sales opportunities, Vlocity Wear helps you design and deliver transformative new touchpoints for your customers. Seamlessly connect to customer data anytime, anywhere with Vlocity Wear. Achieve faster, safer sales resolution by accessing live data, reviewing plans, and sharing information with customers directly from wearable devices. Drive efficiency across your business and modernize business processes with capabilities to approve decisions, send reminders, and more.

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  • Vlocity Clickstream Analytics – With the Salesforce Analytics platform, Vlocity integrates deep analytic capabilities with our communications app to deliver actionable insight for our customers. Now enterprises can accelerate time to value with smart, industry-specific cloud applications powered by the Salesforce Wave Analytics platform. It’s not just big data, it’s the best data.

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