VoiceBunny: Crowdsourcing Professional Voiceovers

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I’m not sure why anyone would turn on their laptop microphone and do a terrible job narrating a professional video or audio track for their business. Adding a professional voice and soundtrack is inexpensive, simple and the talent out there is amazing.

We recently had Rich Cunningham do our voiceover for the video production work we did for Zmags. And our marketing podcast ads, intro and outro have been professionally done by local celebrity Paul Poteet. Paul’s wife also does voiceover work!

You may not have so much talent just around the corner, so how can you find and get voice over talent for your next project? VoiceBunny is hoping to change that by crowdsourcing professional voiceovers.

VoiceBunny features:

  • All talents have professional home studios and equipment.
  • Mr. VoiceBunny is one picky rabbit! Less than 1 in 10 talents that apply get accepted to work for him.
  • All audio is screened for quality by Mr. VoiceBunny’s entourage of experts.
  • Mr. VoiceBunny only delivers edited, ready-to-use audio from the best talent for your project.
  • Our high speed, high quality, and low cost, is the result of our proprietary technology, Hare9000™.
  • If you don’t like a recording, you don’t pay for it, period! Yeah, Mr. VoiceBunny is fanatical about customer service (and carrot cake).

What do you think?

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