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Votigo has been around for a while with a no non-sense set of apps for Facebook contests. They’ve been slowly expanding their competitively priced platform, though, having now expanded their SaaS Platform to manage promotions, applications, conversations, social CRM, and analytics across social channels. Votigo services agencies, brands as well as enterprise customers.

votigo dashboard

Votigo’s Key Features

  • Promotions Manager – A full-featured platform for publishing the cross-platform promotions that Votigo has been known for since 2007. Marketers can launch photo and video contests, sweepstakes, and other promotional apps to engage their audiences in multiple languages across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks on mobile and the web. Promotions Manager powers the full promotion cycle, from creating the apps, to sharing and publicizing them to social audiences, to moderating submissions and fan commentary, making it simple and cost-effective to run promotional campaigns throughout the year. Promotions remain one of the most effective marketing tactics for engaging and activating social audiences and Promotions Manager makes it simpler than ever to run promotions of any scope.
  • Conversation Manager – A powerful new interface for managing two-way conversations with fans on Facebook, Twitter and beyond. Marketers can use Votigo’s Conversation Manager to simultaneously schedule and publish posts, links, photos and video and promotional campaigns to multiple social channels and accounts, plus manage responses, user-generated content, comments and interactions with fans. By consolidating all social conversations and accounts into a single interface, Conversation Manager saves marketers time and provides actionable insight to effectively measure post engagement.
  • Social CRM – A seamlessly-integrated Social CRM system for managing Social Contacts, tracking engagement and influence, and targeting special offers and communications. Votigo’s Social CRM makes it easy to cultivate and maintain a growing audience across social networks – from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn and beyond – within a single platform.
  • Engagement Apps – A set of rich engagement applications including photo and video galleries, fan exclusives, polls, coupons, and more, each with a clear marketing purpose designed to engage your customers on an ongoing basis.
  • Analytics – Votigo analytics let social marketers quickly measure and assess social marketing efforts to understand how their audiences interact with their businesses, focus on what resonates and activates customers, and optimize social marketing resources.

Here’s Founder Jim Risner discussing the company last year:

Votigo also has a full set of APIs that you can create a custom front end or integrate with your back-end, your database, or a mobile application. You can also leverage the Votigo contest API, photo gallery API, video gallery API, or use the API for entries, votes, sweepstakes, or users.

I’d add that Votigo maintains a fantastic blog, The Orange Sofa, with incredible tips on how to promote, engage and measure your social media marketing activities.

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