Wal-Mart Social Networking Website fails. $50 to the best joke!

SmileyI didn’t even know they were trying! Wal-Mart failed at building a Social Networking site for Kool Kidz.

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I’d like to make this an open post because there are far too many jokes here. How about this? Best joke on why Wal-Mart’s social networking website failed (and perhaps beyond to the internet in general) gets $50 deposited in their Paypal account. We’ll stop at 101 jokes and everyone is allowed to put in a single joke. I will not post any jokes that are offensive (unless they are simply offensive to Wal-Mart).

Me first:

1. Because they couldn’t coax any $6.00/hr developers to work on it.


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    Thanks to a typo, Wal-Mart’s email pitch begged all A-list bloggers for “promotional HELL” instead of “promotional HELP!”

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    “It seems that Goodwill bought out all of the skilled web developers in the area: causing own social networking project to come to a complete halt. The good news, as always, is that our very own ‘Day of the Week Underwear’ has remained our top selling product for another consecutive 10 years…” – Walton

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    Oops, my feedback got truncated. (Honey, they shrunk my blog).

    3. Because a company that makes its money by destroying communities, cannot really expect making money from building communities.

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