I Know Who I’m Voting For

Christopher Walken for PresidentThere it is, folks… the ultimate President! Christopher Walken! Can you imagine the acceptance speech? It would be fantastic!

Perhaps we need a little more cow bell in the White House.

I remember getting creeped out by him at a young age when I watched Deer Hunter and I've been a fan ever since. I think I've watched the Walken Saturday Night Live specials a thousand times.

PS: Yes, it's a joke! But really funny. I've been doing my Walken impersonations ever since seeing this.

Here's one that I recorded tonight… the quote was from the Walken for President 2008 home page. Let me know if I should give up blogging and simply become a Walken impersonator… or not.



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    ahh he’s my favorite.. ever since he did that music video.. the one where he’s dancing around.. i started to realize he was a comedian.. or when he did that spoof on SNL.. with the ‘More cowbell’.,.. man that had me cracking up!


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    Walken is a classic. I love this guy. Those skits on SNL where he’s trying to seduce the camera (person) and keeps trying to make him stay at his place.

    Nice impersonation Doug! You’ve definitely got that NY twang goin. 😉

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      Thanks, Tony. I had to reach deep for it. I actually grew up in Connecticut so I had the accent down pat… until I moved to Vancouver, BC where I went to high school and got my butt kicked for sounding like a Yankee.

      Then, when I moved back the states, I quickly dropped the “eh?” at the end of my questions…

      I may be one of the few that can have a conversation with someone from any state (or even country) and by the end of the conversation I’m speaking with their accent.

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    That was pretty good there Doug…

    “no, no, no… please don’t go. Pay no attention to the idling, ramblings of a man afflicted with, dare I say, no….. I dare not. My little wide eyed, white tailed DOE.”

    Christopher Walken, The Continental

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