The Most Wanted Wearable Technologies

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A few weeks ago, my mother had a scare with her heart that required her to wear a defibrillator full time. The system monitored and uploaded her heart data through sensors in the vest, would automatically warn if there was a sensor position off, and – in the event of a heart attack – would warn bystanders to step back and it would defibrillate the patient. Pretty scary stuff – but also very cool. It enabled her to come on an important visit and have some peace of mind that she was being monitored. That’s wearable technology that’s truly changing the world! (BTW: My Mom no longer has to use it. When she returned she did a cathedorization and no issues were found. Thank goodness!)

Wearable, a site discussing fashionable wearable technology, has asked techies what kind of wearable technology they want – and they produced the infographic below with the responses. This isn’t life-saving stuff like a Lifevest, but it is technology that can improve the lifestyle of us all.

Ironically, I actually have Google Glass and a Pebble Watch… the #1 and #2 on the list. This is just my two cents, but I’ve stopped wearing both… they simply didn’t improve my efficiency nor change my life in some way. The Pebble watch had some cool features… like showing me who was calling on my phone if I was in a meeting and had my phone turned down… but it turned into a distraction more than an aid. The Google Glass just didn’t do anything for me – I think Glasshole is a funny but somewhat appropriate name for most people I see wearing them. Reminds me of the Bluetooth craze where, for a while, a bunch of idiots would walk around with them in their ear and appear to be talking to themselves in the rudest of places.

I am looking forward to what Apple might do to revolutionize this industry. If I could access most of my apps from a retina display on my wrist that was comfortable to read (instead of the Pebble’s display that looks like a 20 year old Nintendo screen), I might want to actually wear the device if it looks good and works great. I think we have a long way to go! What do you think?


What do you think?

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