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We Believe!

Wow… what a game! If you didn’t get to see the greatest comeback in NFL playoff history, it was absolutely incredible. There are so many things about this team and this city to appreciate. I have never been a huge fan of professional sports or athletes – but the Colts have changed my opinion of sports franchises. It’s the very things that have changed my mind that people don’t realize because it’s ignored by the media.

The Indianapolis ColtsA couple years ago, I had the pleasure of having lunch with Cato June at a Colts luncheon. Cato was such an absolute gentleman… very humble and very thankful for having his shot in professional sports. After the lunch Jeff Saturday took some time out and signed an autograph for me (I gave Cato’s and Jeff’s autographs away to some fans that were bigger than I was).

Both guys thanked me for spending time with them and their organization (it was an Advertiser’s Breakfast with the team).

A couple years later and I find myself working closely with Pat Coyle, his sister Maureen, and AJ Macht from The Indianapolis Colts. There’s simply no way to express how nice this organization is to work with. They care about the fans, they care about the economic development of the city, they love being in Indianapolis, and they care about being good shepherds to the city and to the NFL. How does that compare to other teams in any sport?

There’s a good chance that Indianapolis will see a Superbowl here in the next couple years now that the new stadium is going up. As well, it’s suspected that the Lucas family will be returning their headquarters back to Indiana from California. The Colts are great for Indianapolis.

For all the naysayers that talk about the money spent on the Colts, there’s no better investment that will return so much to our region. This weekend alone, it’s estimated that $15 million was spent in the city from visitors here for the AFC Championship game. That’s a lot of tax revenue in one weekend!

Folks may also not realize this is the first Superbowl with African American coaches… not on one side of the field, but both. For an industry that hasn’t paid too much attention to black coaching talent, that’s a great story. And it’s already making the news.

What won’t make the news, though, is that both coaches are also devout Christians. Not the type of Christians that spread intolerance and make judgements on others… they are the type of Christians that believe they must set an example of Christianity for others to follow. Jim Irsay is also a Christian, thankful for the gifts and opportunities that God has given him as well. Wow… this is a Christian Superbowl.

As I watched the highlights on several news stations, they’ve already cut out the clips of Jim Irsay and Tony Dungy showing their appreciation for the gifts, strength and opportunities that were given to them by God. It was the first message out of their mouths… but it never made the news.

Ironically, this is the exact Christian behavior that should make the news and should be communicated beyond our borders to other countries. Stories of faith, generosity, leadership, hope, and happiness from some great Christians. Instead, the news will focus on the fanatics, intolerance, perversion and greed… and they’ll help the rest of the world point at us as a country full of hypocrisy, greed, lust, and injustice.

For anyone able to read this message… I hope you spread the word. For many years, the phrase that accompanied the Colts was “We Believe!”. Amen, yes we do! We’re thankful for the first Black and Christian Superbowl.

As for the Superbowl… I’d like to propose a friendly bet to my new good friend, Jim Walton, in Chicago. Jim really wanted Lovie and Tony to make the Superbowl but he didn’t think The Colts could pull it out. If the Colts lose, I’ll take Jim out for a great steak here at St. Elmo’s, one of the finest and oldest steak houses in Indianapolis. Jim… you up for taking the bet and showing me a great place in Chicago when the Colts win?

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  1. 1

    It was a good game and I’m glad they won… I just wish it was New Orleans they were playing against.

    But I’ve gotta make one correction…

    The greatest comeback in playoff history is still that stupid Oilers meltdown… 32 point lead blown… doh!

    Last night was the largest comeback in a championship game.

  2. 2

    Thanks for pointing out the Christian aspect of the coaches. Not
    enough is ever shared by the networks on what makes these coaches
    great. I did see a story about Manning’s prayers on the sidelines,
    but that was probably “safe” as most people could understand that!

    Thanks again!

  3. 3

    A would love to enjoy steak with you at Gibson’s in Chicago, Your win over New England was almost as memorable as the Jim O’Brien field goal kick 36 years ago. The only Colts fans that will recall that one live in Baltimore. A correction on your post, The greatest comeback in playoff history was the Buffalo Bills beating Houston Oilers, look it up!

    As a black American I am proud and happy for the 2 brothers coaching in the super bowl.Many of us rooted for Coach Dungy in Tampa Bay and if The Bears were not in, I may have rooted for him again. My hope is, with some of the high rolling Colts fan I know may feel for a brother and get me a ticket to the Super Bowl

  4. 4
  5. 5

    No problem about the blog mention! I suppose that is what the whole thing was about anyways – link love!

    I liked your football post. I didn’t know about the coach being a Christian. I agree with you and wish that the news would show that aspect of Christianity. However, I do believe that even if the media won?t show it directly, it shows in other ways, even if they are very subtle ways.

  6. 6

    I was fortunate to win two tickets to the game! It was my & my wife’s first playoff game live, and what a game it was!! It was a very exciting and thrilling experience. My voice is still hoarse from all the shouting and screaming; and well there was some jumping and dancing too. The crowd was wild!!

    I agree, both Dungy and Irsay were generous in their respective speeches and mentioned the fans and community.

    But I really liked the way Peyton Manning behaved. The crowd cheered him each time he was shown on the large replay
    screens; each time you could tell from his eyes & body language that he realized it was for him. But he only smiled graciously; there was no hint of false-pride or overconfidence or “I-am-better-than-anyone-else”. I really liked his down to earth manner!

    GO COLTS!!!!

    – Amol.

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